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Belgian antique faience plate

Belgian antique Cappellemans Jemmapes faience plate

1859 J.B. Cappellemans Jemappes plate.

The plate was made in the J.B. Cappellemans factory in the Belgian city of Jemappes. It is marked on the base J.B. CAPPELLEMANS AINE, JEMMAPES.

cem cappelmans aine mark

And another incised mark:

1859 jb cappellemans jemmapes mark

There is a transferware landscape on the plate. The romantic landscape presents a lake and a very eclectic architectural elements with ancient building, asian style bridge and another country style building. In front there are two men and a lady with umbrella in a boat.

In 1847 the eldest son of manufacturer Cappellemans, J.B. Cappellemans, along with Fauvel, Willems and Picard, founded a factory in Jemappes Wallonia. The word "aine" in the factory mark means theeldest son. The company co-operated with English faience producer William Smith. The name Smith appears on some marks of the company.

The factory products were very English in style. The company went bankrupt in 1870. Its assets were taken over by Jacques Cassel. The new company operated until 1894.