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  • Category: Porcelain

Bassano Zortea water jug

Bassano Zortea water jug

Handpainted Italian ceramic jug.

Bassano Zortea artistic pottery workshop was established in 1921 by Luigi Zortea. The workshop was located in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza province. Production was focused on Bassano style, ancient and baroque inspired pieces. The manufacture got prizes and awards at the Triennale in Milan (1935) and International Exhibitions in Brussels and Paris.

In 1950 Luigi Zortea died. The manufactory management passed to his son Francesco. He, in turn, died in 1979. Bassano Zortea workshop became property of his heirs. They carried on production till the year 2000.

The jug is marked.

zortea bassano mark