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Russian Temples series plate

Russian Temples series plate Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed

Dmitrov Porcelain Factory (Verbilki) plate depicting Cathedral of Intercession of Virgin.

Inscription on the plate:

"This plate number: B-8420
Cathedral of Intercession of Virgin (St. Basil the Blessed) was created from an original picture painted by Master Artist S. Sechev in traditional Russian color graphics style with the use of coin gold.

It is the first plate in a new "Russian Temples" series produced in Russia at Dmitrov Porcelain Factory (formerly Gardner's) established in 1766. The number of plates is limited to 145 days of firing.

This is an art object not intended for food use. Precious metal pigments may be toxic.
Europe 1990"

Dmitrov Porcelain Factory mark:

Dmitrov Porcelain Factory mark