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Philipp Rosenthal started doing business in the porcelain industry in 1884 roku in Erkersreuth situated near Bavarian Selb. In the beggining he was buying Hutschenreuther whiteware. These items were then decorated by his wife Maria and sold door to door.

Already in 1891 r., because of porcelain shortage in the market, Rosenthal established his first factory in the Bohemian town called Asch. Produced there whiteware were subsequently painted and decorated in Rosenthal's workshops. Until mid 1930s. Rosenthal overtook factories: Kronach, Marktredwitz (with Thomas brand), Selb, Waldenburg, Sophienthal and Waldershof.

In 1910 and 1920 artistic ceramic divisions were opened.

Philipp Rosenthal was a Jew. In the second half of 1934 situation in Germany was so tense that he lost control of his business. In 1935 he was forced to leave Germany and died in 1937.

The factory continued operations during the WWII. Philip Rosenthal, son of the founder, was fighting Nazi Germany. After the win he returned to Germany trying to regain control. He suceeded only in 1950.

Under Rosenthal junior management the company swiftly recovered. Philip hired the bes artists as Bjorn Wiinblad from Denmark, Hans Theo Baumann from Germany, Raymond Peynet from France and Tapio Wirkkala z Finland. In 1979 when the company was closing to the 100th anniversary, it hired around 8500 workers.

In 1997 Waterford Wedgwood plc took control of Rosenthal. Part of the group became Hutschenreuther in 2000.

Financial problems of Waterford Wedgwood made that in 2009 Rosenthal was bought by Italian Sambonet. The company is now traded as Rosenthal GmbH.

1970s - 1980s
Rosenthal studio line mark. Used in 1970s and 1980s on items designed by Bjorn Wiinblad.
Rosenthal Selb Germany 1930s 
1929 Rosenthal mark with two lines.
1926 Rosenthal mark
1926 Rosenthal mark with a dot over cross
Rosenthal 1924
Rosenthal 1924 mark with one dot under a 'Rosenthal' inscription.
Rosenthal Louis XIV 1891-1906 mark
Rosenthal 1891 - 1906 Louis XIV mark.
Rosenthal & Company 1891-1906 mark
Rosenthal & Company 1891-1906 mark.
Rosenthal Studio-linie 1985 mark
Moulded porcelain mark Rosenthal Studio-linie Germany A dot below letter M in the word Germany shows it is 1985 mark.
Rosenthal Kronach Bavaria mark
1901 - 1927 period mark:R. C. KRONACH - BAVARIAELSE
Rosenthal DAF mark
1934 - 1945 mark with a seal of approval by DAF or German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) MODELL DES AMTES SCHÖNHEIT DER ARBEIT (Approved Model of the Office of Beauty of Labor).
Rosenthal Ivory Bavaria mark
Rosenthal Ivory Bavaria 1939 - 1956 mark.
Rosenthal Versace mark
Rosenthal Versace studio-line Germany 1992 - 2007 mark.
1927 Rosenthal mark
1927 Rosenthal mark with a dot below crown and a dot above B.
Rosenthal Pompadour mark
Rosenthal Selb Germany Pompadour pattern 1941 mark with dot over a crown.
Rosenthal Germany mark
Rosenthal 1958 mark with dashes left and right the word Germany. Three dots below the word Germany point to Kronach factory.
RC Moliere Bavaria mark
RC Moliere Bavaria 1891 - 1906 mark.
Rosenthal Germany plus mark
Rosenthal +Germany Bjorn Wiinblad 1971 mark.
Rosenthal 1950s mark
1953 - 1956 Rosenthal china mark.
Rosenthal 1927 mark
Rosenthal Selb Bavaria 1927 mark with dots on both side of a word Rosenthal.
Rosenthal Bahnhof Selb mark
Rosenthal Bahnhof Selb factory 1950 mark with dots on both sides of a Germany word.
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