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Villeroy & Boch Dresden blue stamp
The blue Villeroy & Boch Dresden ink "Mercury" stamp was used in the 1874 - 1909 period.
Villeroy & Boch Monika
1950s - 1960s Villeroy & Boch METTLACH MADE IN GERMANY SAAR "MONIKA" handgemalt paint a la main handpainted
Villeroy & Boch Luxembourg
Mark on a mug produced in Luxembourg in 2009 - 2010.
Villeroy & Boch Bouquet
Bouquet pattern was discontinued in early 1980s.
Alt Strasburg
used after 1955 green VILLEROY & BOCHMETTLACHMADE IN GERMANYSAAR"Alt Strasburg"Metlacher SteindruckUnterglasur
1979 - 2011
Design Naif pattern was created in 1979. Production in Luxembourg was stopped in 2011.
Botanica 1983 - 2008
1983 - 2008 Botanica pattern mark
Exact date not known This one found on a mug from 1970s. Septfontaines is a localisation of Luxembourg Villeroy & Boch factory.
1984 - 1989 green mark METLACHER HANDMALEREI UNTERGLASURDEKOR SEIT 1748 MADE IN GERMANY VILLEROY & BOCH METLACH spulmaschinenfest detergentproof Bauernblume Handmalerei
Tipo Blue
The Tipo Blue pattern was produced in the 1996 - 2001 period. Villeroy&Boch anno 1748 Luxembourg TIPO BLUE
Villeroy & Boch Asta
The mark used after 1955. Villeroy & Boch METTLACH MADE IN GERMANY SAAR ASTA  
Villeroy & Boch Heinrich mark
Heinrich porcelain brand has belonged to Villeroy & Boch since 1976. This mark comes from Trumereien plate designed in 1995.
Villeroy & Boch Valeria Blue mark
The Valeria Blue pattern wad produced in the 1983 - 1991 period.  This mark was used on smaller items.
Villeroy & Boch Alt Strassburg 1990 mark
This mark with "Made in Germany" addition was in use after 1990.
Villeroy & Boch Watteau mark
Watteau MADE IN SAAR - BASINV&B.M.1566a The mark was in use at the turn of century ca. 1890 - 1920.
Villeroy & Boch 1960s mark
The mark from 1960s plate. VILLEROY&BOCH MADE IN LUXEMBOURG
Villeroy & Boch Jamaica mark
1984 - 1991 Jamaica pattern mark ANCIENNE MANUFACTURE IMPERIALE ET ROYALE FONDEE EN 1767 MADE IN LUXEMBOURG VILLEROY & BOCH SEPTFONTAINES Vitro-Porcelaine Jamaica Garanti lave-vaisselle Spulmaschinenfest
Villeroy & Boch Chekiang mark
1985 - 1995 Villeroy & Boch Chekiang markVitro-PorzellanChekiangspulmaschinenfestdetergentproofinalterableUNTERGLAZUR DEKORSEIT 1748MADE IN GERMANYMETLACHER KUPFERDRUCK
V&B India
Villeroy & Boch India pattern circa 1860s mark
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