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The Sophienau manufactory was established in 1857 by Julius Schwarz. Just two years later  the business was bought by Joseph Schachtel. At first they produced small porcelain items. In 1866 expanded factory gained a new porcelain whiteware production equipment. In 1875 they also started a porcelain painting department, which was to satisfy demand of American market.

At the same time the factory started producing electrotechnical porcelain. Manufacturing electrotechnical insulators swiftly became the main business for the Sophienau manufactory. The plant gained additional impetus thanks to the new railway line build in 1880.

In 1887 the factory was transformed into a general partnership. Eugen and Max Schachtel, Joseph Schachtel’s sons became shareholders. Joseph Schachtel died on October 16.

In 1897 Gottfried Becker was appointed a manager of the factory. The tableware was still produced in Sophienau. In 1910 they obtained own railroad siding.

Max Schachtel died in 1913. The only owner remained Eugen Schachtel. The firm was three years later transformed into a joint-stock company. The new name referred to nearby Charlottenbrunn. In 1919 Joseph Schachtel Porcelain Factory name was restored.  Eugen Schachtel died in 1920. In 1922 the factory was taken over by Meiningen Strupp.

Despite a sharp fall of demand during the Great Depression, the factory survived. After WWII thw factory was nationalized. It continued electrotechnical porcelain production.



J.S Germany mark

J.S Germany 1896 - 1916 mark

J.S. incised mark

J.S. Germany incised 1896 - 1916 mark

JS eagle mark

J.S. Joseph Schachtel Porzellanfabrik eagle 1887 - 1919 mark

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