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Porzellanmanufaktur Anton Müller was established in 1912 by Anton Müller and Otto Hammer. In 1945 most of company buildings as well as forms and models were destroyed. Porcelain master painter Rudolf Kämmer and modeler Paul Kramer tried to save it but Anton Müller's descendants decided not to rebuild the company.

Kämmer and Kramer founded their own manufctory in 1946. It was located in Rudolstadt-Schwarza in old Wehrmacht barracks. They started using some of Anton Müller models that have survived the 1945 bombing. 

Paul Kramer left the company in 1953. The company was thus renamed to Porzellanmanufaktur Rudolf Kämmer. Next year the company was relocated to Rudolstadt-Volkstedt.

Rudolf Kämmer died in 1968. The business was taken over by his son Erhard. Just four years later East Germany government nationalized the company. 

In 1990, after reunification of Germany, Erhard Kämmer took over the business. He died in 2012 leaving the business to his son, Hannes Kämmer.


K crown mark

Kämmer Volkstedt mark used from 1953

Double K mark

Double K Kämmer & Kramer mark used from 1946 

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