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The porcelain factory was established in 1900 in the small village of Martinroda in German Thuringia. Founders of the Erbengemeinschaft Eger GbR were father with son, Friedrich and Herrmann Eger. The first porcelain products left the manufactory in Christmas 1900. Most of the production went to the American market.

At the beginning of World War II production of porcelain was stopped. Thanks to the involvement of Hans Ziehm and pre-war company employees in June 1946 the factory resumed operations. In 1969 it employed 125 employees. In 1972 the firm was nationalized and incorporated into the Lichte (V.E.B. Zierporzellan Lichte).

In January 1977 production of porcelain was completely stopped. The company was taken over by the Ilmenau Porzellanwerk and transformed into a porcelain decorating entity.

With changes that took place in the GDR, there was the re-privatization of Porzellanfabrik Martinroda Frierich Eger & Co. On October 1, 1990, the owner's heirs gained control over the factory.

Golden Martinroda mark

Crown PM golden Martinroda mark. First version of Martinroda mark used from 1900 onwards.

Martinroda GDR mark

Crown PM Made in GDR Martinroda 1972 - 1977 mark.

Porzellanfabrik Martinroda mar...

Porzellanfabrik Martinroda Friedrich Eger & Co. Martinroda / Thur. ca. 1930s mark.

Martinroda Germany marks

Crown PM Made in Germany 1914 - 1972 mark.

PM Thuringier Handarbeit mark

PM Thuringier Handarbeit mark. Date unknown.

PM Made in East Germany mark

PM Made in East Germany late 1960s to early 1970s mark.

PM Martinroda mark

PM Martinroda mark. Date unknown.

PM Import mark

PM Import Martinroda mark used on items exported to Poland. Exact date not known.

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