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The Carl Teichert factory produced everyday household items. It was established in 1863 by Carl Teichert who died a few years later in 1871. It started as oven tiles producer. In 1880 the manufactory began producing porcelain tableware as well as figurines. It was known for the onion pattern porcelain.

The onion pattern was also produced in the Czech factory located in Eichwald. In 1923 they overtook Ernst Teichert GMBH and two years later also Stockhardt & Schmidt-Eckert. In 1929 porcelain production was stopped. The onion pattern production department bought Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG located in Selb.

The Meissen Oven and Porcelain Manufactory formerly Carl Teichert (Meissner Ofen- und Porzellanfabrik vorm. Carl Teichert) mark is often mistakenly taken for Royal (later State) Porcelain Manufactory Meissen, which used crossed swords as a mark.

Carl Teichert 1882 - 1929
A mark with 'Meissen" inscription in a circle and a five-pointed star below. This mark was used from December 1882 to December 1929.
Impressed Meissen mark
Carl Teichert 1894 - 1914 impressed Meissen mark
Teichert 1923 - 1929 mark
Carl Teichert 1923 - 1929 mark
1000 Meissen mark
1000 Jahre Meissen anniversary 1929 Carl Teichert mark
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