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Bing & Grondahl roots reach back to 19 April 1853, when Frederik Vilhelm Grondahl as well as brothers Meyer and Jacob Bing founded it. Grøndahl had a great deal of experience with the production process involved from his years with the Royal Copenhagen. He died a year and a half later. Brotherd Bing were book and art dealers. The company started producing biscuit figures based on the works of Thorvaldsen, the renowned Danish sculptor.

The company in a few years became a contender in the ceramics market. In 1886 B&G introduced underglazed blue decorations. In 1895 was started a series of Christmas plates.

Three towers, a stylized castle mark and B&G initials have been a company logo since 1898.

In 1987 B&G merged with its biggest local competitor, Royal Copenhagen. The intention was to secure a strong position for the Danish art industry globally.

1948 - 1952
1948 - 1952 mark A green stamp with extended "J" in a "KJOBENHAVN" word.
B&G 1983-1984 mark
Bing & Grondahl 1983 - 1984 mark Three towers B&G DENMARK
B&G 1950s mark
Bing & Grondahl 1952 - 1958 mark
1970 - 1983 B&G mark
1970 - 1983 Bing & Grondahl mark Copenhagen Porcelain B&G Made in Denmark
Blue B&G mark
B&G Kjobenhavn Denmark B&G 1948 - 1952 mark
Blue B&G mark
Blue B&G 1853 - 1894 mark
B&G mark
B&G Kjobenhavn Danmark 1915 - 1947 mark
B&G mark
Copenhagen Porcelain B&G Made in Denmark 1970 - 1983 mark
Danmark mark
B&G Kjobenhavn Danmark B&G Made in Denmark B&G 1958 - 1962 mark
Kjobenhavn mark
 B&G Kjobenhavn Made in Denmark 1952 - 1957 mark
Impressed Eneret mark
Late 19th century impressed B&G Eneret mark
Three towers mark
Three towers B&G round 1970 - 1983 mark
Danish China mark
B&G Copenhagen Danish China Works 1898 mark
Denmark mark
B&G Kjobenhavn Made in Denmark 1902 - 1914 mark
Copenhagen mark
Copenhagen Porcelain Bing & Grondahl Denmark mark used from 1983
B&G mark
B&G Kjobenhavn 1902 - 1914 mark
Denmark mark
B&G Kjobenhavn Denmark 1962 - 1970 mark
Blue B&G mark
Blue Copenhagen Porcelain Bing & Grondahl mark used from 1983
Collections mark
Bing & Grondahl Collections mark used after 1987
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