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The factory was founded by I. Kuznetsov in 1897 in the village of Botanovka located 12 km from the town of Chudovo. The porcelain and earthenware items were marked with the monogram "GF" (Gruzino Factory).

After the revolution the enterprise was nationalized. Botanovka was renamed to Krasnofarfornyy. In 1920s the factory became a part of Novgubfarfor trust. They mostly made propaganda products during that period (marked NGF).

After Novgubfarfor merged with Tsentrfarfortrest, the factory was reorganized to produce porcelain for households.

During the Second World War factory buildings were demolished. In 1942 factory equipment and employees were evacuated to Orenburg region, village Saraktash. Thus was established a new entity Saraktash Faience Factory.

In 1944 rebuilding of the Krasnofarfornyy factory started. It began with demining of the area. Production started in 1946. Lyudmila Pavlova-Koshman was a chief designer for the factory in 1949 to 1956 period. In 1978, Viktor Alekseevich Biryukov became the chief artist of the plant.

In 1990s the enterprise changed its legal form a few times. in 2003 the plant went through bankruptcy proceedings and became known as "Kuznetsovsky Porcelain". In 2013 the factory was already closed down.

Chudovo mark
1971 - 1991 Gruzino Porcelain Factory Chudovo mark, first quality
Blue mark
Gruzino Porcelain Factory 1971 - 1991 blue second quality mark
Chudovo mark
Green KF Chudovo second quality 1958 - 1962 mark
Chudovo mark
Third quality Chudovo 1971 - 1991 mark
KF mark
Krasnyi Farforist KF 1962 - 1971 blue second quality mark
Gruzino mark
Gruzino Factory 1920s mark
KF mark
Krasnyi Farforist KF 1962 - 1971 green third quality mark
1951 mark
Chudovo RSFSR KR. Farfor 1951 - 1953 mark
KF mark
KF Chudovo 1953 - 1955 mark
KR. Farforist mark
Kr. Farforist Chudovo 1946 - 1949 mark
KF mark
KF Chudovo first quality 1958 - 1962 mark
Farforist mark
Krasnyi Farforist Gruzino 1926 - 1940 mark 
Kr. mark
Kr. Farforist blue second quality 1946 - 1949 mark
KF mark
Krasnyi Farforist KF 1962 - 1971 red first quality mark
Glavfarforfayans mark
Glavfarforfayans late 1930s mark used also by Verbilki, Dulevo and Konakovo
Chudovo mark
Chudovo mark used ca. since 2000
Volkhov mark
I.E. Kuznetsov Volkhov factory 1900 - 1917 mark 
Novgubfarfor mark
Novgubfarfor Volokhov 1923 - 1926 mark
Red mark
I.E. Kuznetsov Volkhov 1900 - 1913 red mark
Volkhov mark
Green I.E. Kuznetsov Volkhov 1913 - 1918 mark
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