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The porcelain factory was established in Aich near Karlsbad (now Doubi) by Johan Möhling in 1849. The factory produced mostly porcelain figurines. It was also the first to produce porcelain coins - surrogate money used during economic crises. 

In the beggining of 1860s it was bought by A.C. Anger. Next owners were Menzel & Co (1918 - 1923). In 1923 the factory became a part of EPIAG group. In 1933 it was closed.

Aich mark
Aich porcelain imprinted mark
Anger mark
A.C. Anger Aich bei Carlsbad ca. 1860 - 1900 mark
Epiag mark
Epiag Aich Made in Czechoslovakia 1923 - 1933 mark
Aich mark
Aich Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1923 mark
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