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In 1811 owner of a mine and a Chodov Manor, Franz Miessl, acquired a licence to produce pottery. First the manufacture started faience production using own clay deposits. In 1830 - 1834 the factory was leased by F. Weisl. Finally, in 1834 Franz Miessl sold it to Johann Dietl, Johann Huttner and Johann Schreyerow. The factory was renamed to Huttner & Co. In 1835 they received license for porcelain production. Items produced were in empire style.

Another owner of the factory was a physician from Saxony, Geitner, who sold it in 1842 to Moses Portheim. Later it was run by his sons. In 1872 the factory was sold to Haas & Czjzek located in Horní Slavkov. It started the prosperity period for the porcelain business. In 1937 it employeed 750 workers.

In 1945 the factory was nationalized. In 1958 the porcelain factory in Chodov (Slavkovský porcelán, n. p.) became one of the plants belonging to the Karlovarský porcelain. Nowadays it is a part of Karlovarsky Porcelan a.s. The production concentrates on hand made and hand decorated pink porcelain.

H&C sticker
H&C CH Made in Czechoslovakia sticker used till 1991
Trees H&C mark
Trees H&C 1945 - 1991 mark
Rosa mark
Original Rosa Porzellan H&C Czech Republic Handpainted 1991 - 2003 mark
Chodau mark
Chodau H&C Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1938 mark
Chodau mark
Chodau impressed 1811 - 1835 mark
Sygnatura H&C
H&C CH Made in Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1938 mark
Round Chodau mark
Round H&C Chodau mark used from 1934
Haas & Czjzek mark
Haas & Czjzek H&C tree 1918 - 1938 mark
P&S mark
Impressed P&S Chodov 1850 - 1872 mark
Czechoslovakia mark
H&C Chodau Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1938 mark
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