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In 1815 John Doulton (together with his partners Martha Jones, and John Watts) bought a small Vauxhall, London, pottery for 100 pounds. The pottery produced at that time storage jars and ceramic sewage pipes. Martha Jones left the business in 1920. Six years later they moved to larger pottery on Lambeth High Street. In 1835 the pottery joined John’s son Henry. John Watts retired in 1853. From 1853 to 1901, its wares were marked Doulton & Co. In 1861 Queen Victoria commissioned Doulton to create a specially made set of water filters for all her castles and palaces. Starting in the 1860s, the company put stress on getting a reputation for design. In the early 1870s, Henry Doulton started a studio in Lambeth, which employed local artists and designers. In 1877 Henry Doulton bought a share in a factory in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. With the Burslem business, they entered the bone china tableware business. 10 years later he became the first potter in history to be awarded the knighthood. Sir Henry Doulton retired in 1897. The company went public at the start of 1899. In 1901 the company received permission to use the word "Royal" in its name. The Lambeth factory closed in 1956. In 1969 Doulton bought Beswick Pottery. 1972 Doulton was taken over by Pearson and Son Ltd.
1939 - 1955
The letter A to the left of the crown was a mark added to pieces between c1939-1955. Patern 'The Coppice' D 5803
Oval mark
Doulton Lambeth ca. 1869 - 1872 oval mark
Doulton mark
This specific mark dating by the diamond-shaped mark is from 1879
Bunnykins 1988
1988 Bunnykins edition Royal Doulton mark.
England mark
Made in England Royal Doulton England 1930 - 1993 mark
Henry VIII mark
Royal Doulton Henry VIII character mug mark
Juno mark
Royal Doulton Juno pattern fine china mark
Lion mark
English Fine Bone China Royal Doulton mark introduced in 1959
Bone China mark
Royal Doulton Made in England Bone China mark used between 1928 and 1959 on tableware and later on figurines
Crown mark
Crown Doulton Burslem England ca. 1891 - 1902
Lambethware mark
Revived Lambethware was in production from 1974 until 1992
Fine China mark
Royal Doulton Made in England Fine China mark introduced in 1973
Pure Evil mark
Royal Doulton Pure Evil mark. Artist Pure Evil collaborated with Royal Doulton to celebrate its 200-year anniversary
WWRD mark
Royal Doulton England 1815 WWRD mark. WWRD Holdings Limited took over the assets of Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood, and Royal Doulton in 2009.
Royal mark
Royal Doulton Made in England ca. 1924 mark (estimated by the registry number)
Gaffers mark
Gaffers pattern Royal Doulton Made in England ca. 1920s mark
Impressed mark
Impressed Royal Doulton 1902 - 1922 and 1927 - 1936 mark
Green mark
Green Royal Doulton Made in England ca. 1916 mark (estimating by the registry number)
Dickens Ware mark
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware 1949 - 1952 mark (estimating by D number)
Translucent mark
Royal Doulton Made in England English Translucent China 1960 - 1974 mark
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