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Georges Boisbertrand and M. Theilloud bought in 1882 the "Association" factory located in Montjovis, the suburbs of Limoges. Just 3 years later they started a factory called "Montjovis" at a different address. They operated there till 1891.

In 1893 Boisbertrand and Theilloud took over another factory (operated till 1893 by Theodore Haviland) in Limoges called "Nursery" (la Pépinière ). In 1894 they gained a new shareholder, Dorat. M. Theillout left the company in 1902.

Georges Boisbertrand died in 1930. His son and M. Dorat continued production till 1941.

Limoges BTD mark
Limoges France B.T.D. 1894 - 1902 mark
Ribbon mark
Limoges France ribbon 1900 - 1930 mark
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