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The porcelain manufacture was established in 1872 in the building rented by Jeune Coiffe at 66 rue de Paris. Earlier the building was occupied by Charles Feild Haviland. 


The firm Coiffe et Cie was in 1875 joined by Pierre Chabrol and in 1878 joined Tournon and Simon. In 1888 Coiffe and Chabrol became again the only shareholders. In 1895 the Laviolette joined the company and in 1896 he was already the only owner.


 The manufacture produced tableware of the best quality.


Another, separate manufacture operated in Limoges also since 1872. It was founded by founded by A. Coiffe and located at 21-23 rue Jules Noriac (earlier R. des Augustins). In 1913 the factory was sold to Couty et Cie.


Limoges star mark
Coiffe et Cie Limoges France 1891 - 1914 mark
A. Coiffe mark
A. Coiffe R. des Augustins Limoges decoration mark
Limoges France mark
Limoges France Coiffe et Cie 1891 - 1914 mark
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