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In 1883 in the Budy village was established the New Kharkiv M.S. Kuznetsov factory, which operated in the Russian Empire till 1917. The business was founded by Matvey Sidorovich Kuznetsov who was a great-grandson of Yakov Kuznetsov known as father of Russian traditional Gzhel pottery.

Production in Budy started in 1887. First they were producing half-faience. In 1892 the factory mastered technology of producing faience and soon they also started making porcelain. Already in 1895 the factory employeed more than 2000 people. The factory among others run school for workers' children and hospital, developed infrastructure.

In 1922 nationalized factory was renamed Budy Faience Factory 'Sickle and Hammer'. It was completely destroyed during the WWII. It was rebuild in 1953. Since 1960s Budy porcelain was marked with rooster.

The disintegration of Soviet Union and resulting economic crisis in Ukraine left their mark on the factory. Finally it went bankrupt in 2006.

Budy 1960s mark
Green (third quality) rooster Budy mark used since 1960s.    
Round Budy mark
Beginning of 1960s Budy mark
1920s Budy mark
Soviet Budy mark used in 1920s and 1930s
1950s Budy mark
1950 - beginning of 1960s Budy mark
1960s Budy mark
1960s Budy mark
1930s Budy mark
1930s Budy mark
Budy Kuznetsov mark
1890 - 1917 Kuznetsov Budy factory mark
1920s Budy mark
1920s Soviet Budy Faience Factory mark
Budy mark
1940s Budy faience mark
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