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The manufacture was founded in 1816 by Heuäcker Brothers. After one of brothers died, Christian Gottfried Schierholz became a partner. This Thuringian manufactory gained fame thanks to its lithophanes. These masterpieces produced since 1849 by Gottfried Henklein are made of unglazed porcelain with filigree, light-permeable engravings. The manufactory has in its resources more than 2,000 models. Their artists are still working on new motifs.

In 1851 after Christian's death, the factory management was taken over by his sons, Julius and Hugo. The second one, Hugo, died in 1860. His brother along with his widow Julie run the company.

In 1877 took over the next generation, Max and Arthur (sons of Julius and Hugo). After Max left, Arthur gained sole ownership. In 1899 died Arthur. The factory became a public limited company Von Schierholz Porzellan Manufaktur Plaue G.m.b.H.

The company was nationalized after WWII when Thuringia became a part of Eastern Germany. It was named VEB Porzellan Manufaktur Plaue. After German re-unification in 1990 Von Schierholz Porzellan Manufaktur Plaue G.m.b.H. name was restored.

From 1995 it is a part of the Königlich privilegierte Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau G.m.b.H.


1973 Plaue mark
Plaue mark used from 1973 green crown over PMP letters
PMP 1817 mark
VEB Porzellanmanufaktur Plaue mark, 1973 - 1990 period.
Green Plaue mark
Green Plaue mark used after 1930.
150th anniversary Plaue mark
'1817 Made in GDR handpainted', 1967, 150th anniversary Plaue mark.
Schierholz porcelain mark
1865 - 1907 Schierholz porcelain mark.
Von Schierholz Plaue mark
Von Schierholz Plaue mark used after 1930.
175th anniversary Schierholz Plaue mark
175th anniversary, 1992 Schierholz Plaue mark.
Plaue GDR mark
PMP 1817 Made in GDR handpainted Plaue 1973 - 1990 mark.
Schierholz Plaue Crown mark
Schierholz Plaue ca. 1910 mark.
PMP 1817 mark
PMP 1817 von Schierholz Plaue 1973 - 1990 mark.
Von Schierholz Handmalerei mark
Von Schierholz Handmalerei Plaue mark used after 1930.
Schierholz Plaue mark
Plaue Schierholz 1907 - 1927 mark.
Crossed lines mark
C.G. Schierholz & Sohn 1865 - 1907 mark
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