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Cartwright & Edwards was established in 1859 at Longton, Stoke-on_Trent, Great Britain. One of founders was Aaron Edwards. They produced earthenware and later porcelain. In 1912 the factory took over Victoria Pottery. In 1955 the company was bought by Alfred Clough Ltd. In 1960 Cartwright and Edwards Ltd. moved to the newly-built Newborough and Sutherland.

The pottery used trade names: BORONIAN WARE (since 1926), NORVILLE WARE (since 1936), VICTORIA (since 1912).

Production was stopped ca. 1987.

Norville Ware mark
Norville Ware  Cartwright & Edwards Ltd ENGLAND Norville Ware trade mark was used since 1936.
C&E Victoria mark
Cartwright & Edwards Victoria Bone China England mark used from 1936
C&E Ltd mark
Cartwright & Edwards mark 'LTD' letters were added to the mark ca. 1926
C&E Victoria mark
C&E Victoria ca. 1912 - 1926 mark
Cartwright & Edwards Longton mark
Longton works was used from 1960. This mark comes from a ware produced in 1950s
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