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Made in Thuringia hurricane lamp

Made in Thuringia bat hurricane lamp

The lamp was made in 1923 - 1927 period by a German factory Erfurter Sturmlaternenfabrik Fr. Stuebgen.


The Erfurter Sturmlaternenfabrik Fr. Stuebgen factory was based in German Erfurt, which is a capital of Thuringia, a federal state of Germany, located in the central part of the country.

Stallantern 2850 is one of the best known of models produced by this factory. The 2850 marking together with a bat factory logo and DR Patent inscription mean the lantern was produced in the 1923 - 1927 period.

2850 Thuringia bat hurricane lamp

A hurricane lamp gets its name from a tall cylindrical or barrel-shaped glass dome placed around a candlestick to protect the flame from drafts.