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Max Dannhorn firm was established in 1872. Metal framed stoneware trays were just a small part of their product range. The business was active in a toy market producing magic lanterns, optical toys and other pieces for children. Ceramic tray centers were mostly produced by Villeroy & Boch.

In 1921 most of shares bought Gebrüder Bing company (G.B.N.). The firm changed its name to Nuernberger Metallwarenfabrik.

Max Dannhorn tree MD mark

Mark on a tray made in 1921. Letters M and D are on sides of the tree. Below is inscription "Dee: 1718". This tree mark was was registered in 1895. 

MD tree mark

Version of registered in 1895 Max Dannhorn mark. Here with a pattern number 1625 below.

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