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Oktyabrsky Porcelain Items Factory was established in August 1963 in the city Oktyabr situated in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. First it produced plates. The production was mastered with support of experts from Dulevo and Dmitrovsky porcelain factories.

Until 1990s the enterprise produced tea sets, vases, porcelain and faience figurines. In 2007, a large-scale modernization of the factory was carried out. It operates now as LLC "Bashkir porcelain" and specializes in the production of restaurant porcelain.

Oktryabsk mark

Oktryabsky porcelain 1963 - 1991 second quality mark

Blue mark

Blue Oktryabsk 1963 - 1991 second quality mark

Green mark

Green Oktryabsk third category 1963 - 1991 mark

Oktyabrsk mark

Red Oktyabrsk 1963 - 1991 mark

Bashkirskyi mark

Bashkirskiy farfor contemporary www.bashfarfor.ru mark

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