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The Gebrüder Bauscher Porzellan - Fabrik am Bahnhof Weiden (Bayern) was established in 1881 by August and Conrad Bauscher. They started with 70 employees. The business specialized in hotel porcelain.

They soon gained a contract to provide all Norddeutsche Lloyd ships with their porcelain.

In 1907 the factory transferred into a limited liability company and in 1911 into a joint stock company. Conrad Bauscher died in 1910 and his brother August Bauscher died in 1917.

In 1918 Weiden Gebr. Bauscher porcelain factory was integrated into the Strupp group. In late 1920s Weiden Gebr. Bauscher porcelain factory became part of Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG.

In 1930s the factory dominated hotel porcelain sector in USA but in 1938 it lost access to this market. It was partially destroyed by bombs in 1945. First postwar porcelain pieces were produced in July 1945.

In 1998 Bauscher became one of three brands operated by BHS tabletop AG in Selb (entity created after the restructuring of Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG).

Round mark

Round Bauscher Weiden mark registered in 1921 and used after take over by Lorentz Hutschenreuther

Bauscher mark

Bauscher Weiden Made in Bavaria 1931 mark

Luzifer mark

Bauscher Weiden ovenproof Luzifer cooking ware mark

Bauscher Bros. mark

Bauscher Bros New York Factory: Weiden Germany 1895 - 1915 mark

Chicago mark

Bauscher Weiden Germany New York - Chicago 1912 mark

Weiden mark

Bauscher Weiden impressed mark used since 1921

BW mark

BW Bauscher Made in Germany contemporary mark

Bauscher China mark

Bauscher China 1921 - 1939 mark

Pan Am mark

Designed for Pan Am Bauscher Weiden Bavaria Germany ca. 1970s - 1980s mark

US Zone mark

Bauscher Weiden Germany US Zone 1945 - 1949 mark

1938 mark

Bauscher Weiden Nazi period mark. This specific mark 1938

SS Reich mark

Bauscher Weiden SS Reich 1941 fake mark

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