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The Waechtersbacher Steingutfabrik  was established in 1832 by Count Adolf of Ysenburg and Büdingen. The production started on October 1, 1832 and was based on white clay found in 1829 in Ysenburg-Waechtersbach forest.

In 1840, the transfer printing decoration was introduced. Thirty years later they introduced transfer printing in colour. In 1874 started the period of Leonhardt the Confectioner who created ornate ceramics with additional plastic decorations. Max Roesler became a technical and commercial director of the Wächtersbach stoneware factory. In the end of 19th century (1897) they developed, as first in the world, a technology of underglaze print in colour.

The impressed beehive mark started to be used in 1882 and remained in use till the early 1980s.

In the beggining of 20th century Waechtersbach factory production was influenced by artistic visions of ceramist Christian Neureuther and his art departement, which operated till 1923. The Great Depression and the Second World War were difficult periods for the company. 

After the takeover by the Könitz Group on September 18, 2006, Turpin Rosenthal became the new owner of Waechterbacher Keramik GmbH.

Beehive mark

Waechsterbach beehive impressed 1882 - 1980s mark

Waechsterbach mark

Waechsterbach Germany 1910 - 1945 mark

Schweitzer mark

Eduard Schweitzer 1921 - 1929 Waechtersbach mark

W. Germany mark

Waechtersbach W. Germany ca. 1970s mark

Western mark

Waechtersbach Western Germany mark

Germany mark

Waersterbach Made in West Germany mark used after 1949

Swans mark

Ysenburg coat of arms between swan heads 1896 - 1903 Waechtersbach mark

Impressed Ysenburg mark

Ysenburg coat of arms impressed mark (upper '2' defines size, right 'U' defines  year 1899, lower 'N' is a mark of former and left 'J' defines month)

100th anniversary mark

Waechtersbach 1832 - 1932 100th anniversary mark

Waechtersbach mark

Waechtersbach mark, which appeared in the 1913 address book of the ceramic industry

K.A.W. mark

K.A.W. C.N. Waechtersbach 1903 - 1921 mark (K.A.W. - Kunstabteilung Wächtersbach, C.N. - Christian Neureuther)

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