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Max Roesler was born in 1840 in Regensburg. He studied chemistry in Dresden but finally he graduated in Munich. Max gained experience working for a chemical plant in Blasewitz and in 1864 became a chemist, merchant and technical director at a chemical plant in Elbogen.

The change came in 1873 when he became a technical director at the Franz Anton Mehlem stoneware factory in Bonn. In the following year Max Roesler started working for the mosaic tiles factory in Sinzig and months later he bacame a technical and commercial director of the Wächtersbach stoneware factory.

In 1890 Roesler moved to the Springer porcelain factories in Elbogen, Bohemia. Finally in 1893 he and his family moved to Rodach near Coburg. Max Roesler founded in Coburg his own earthenware factory in 1894.

In 1910, after death of Roesler's son, the firm was transformed into a public limited company Max Roesler Feinsteingutfabrik AG. After WWI Roesler sold his shares to Dresdner Bankhaus Gebrüder Arnhold. Max Roesler died in 1922. In 1938 the company was taken over by Siemens.

Max Roesler's firm used a family coat of arms (a hedge rose) as its emblem. 

RMR mark

Max Roesler RMR blue rose mark used from 1894

Rodach mark

Roesler Rodach flower mark used in 1930s

Max Roesler mark

Max Roesler Rodach rose 1930s mark

Rose mark

Max Roesler shield and rose mark

Roesler impressed mark

Roessler impressed mark used from 1894

RMR Roesler mark

RMR Roesler flower mark used from 1923

Max mark

Max Roesler Rodach 1930s mark

Incised rose mark

Incised rose mark used from 1894

RMD mark

RMD Roesler Darmstadt factory 1924 - 1931 mark

Darmstadt mark

Max Roesler Darmstadt 1930 - 1931 mark

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