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Weiß, Kühnert & Co manufacture was founded in 1891. They started producing gift items, saints figurines, bathing beauties and dolls. After WWII they were also making coffee sets and tableware for children. In 1950s the factory started producing hotel porcelain.

In the 1972-1975 period the nationalized factory functioned as VEB Gebrauchsporzellan Gräfenthal. This trademark was used until 1976. In 1976 the firm became a part of VEB Vereinigte Zierporzellanwerke Lichte as Gräfenthaler Porzellanfigurenwerk.

The factory was closed down in 1990. Its assets were used in 1996 to form a German Doll Company, which apparently ceased to exist in 2007.

WKGC mark

Impressed WKGC 1956 - 1972 mark

Blue WKGC mark

Blue WKGC Weiss, Kuehnert 1956 - 1972 mark

WKC mark

WKC impressed mark. Exact date unknown

WKC Grafenthal mark

W.K.C. Grafenthal ca. 1900 mark

WKC Germany mark

Red W.K.C. Grafenthal Germany 1905 - 1956 mark

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