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Porzellanfabrik Gräfenroda Bartholome, Stade & Co was established in 1910. Nine years later the factory was renamed, apparently after changing the owner, Gräfenroda-Ort Reinhold Voigt. As the German Thuringia region was a part of East Germany after world war II, the factory was nationalized in 1971. In 1978 the manufacture lost the rest of its independence and became a part of the V.E.B. Porzellanmanufaktur Plaue.
RVG Germany mark
RVG Germany crown Grafenroda Voigt 1956 - 1971 mark
RVG mark
RVG crown 1919 - 1971 mark
PG mark
V.E.B. Porzellanfabrik Gräfenroda 1971 - 1975 PG mark
PG DDR mark
PG DDR V.E.B. Porzellanfabrik Gräfenroda 1971 - 1975 mark
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