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The Copenhagen Porcellain Decorating Workshop was founded in 1883. In 1924 it was acquired by the wholesaler company Holst & Knudsen. Holst & Knudsen imported to Denmark whiteware porcelain from Germany and decorated it.

The Great Depression made difficult importing cheap German porcelain. That's why Holst & Knudsen established in 1936 own porcelain factory Porcelænsfabriken Danmark. During first years of production, the factory was using the Kjøbenhavns Porcellains Maleri (KPM) mark. It continued production till 1969.

In 2012, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn was reopened by Christian Elving who in 2011 acquired from owner's family all rights and drawings.

Kjobenhavns mark

Kjobenhavns Porcellains Maleri A/S mark used after 1924

Lyngby mark

Danmark Lyngby Est. 1936 mark used from 2012

Kobenhavns mark

KPM Kobenhavns Porcellains Maleri mark used after 1924

Denmark mark

Denmark Copenhagen Handpainted Made in  Denmark 1960s mark

Lyngby Porcellan mark

Lyngby Porcellan mark used from 1936

Danmark mark

Danmark Lyngby mark used after 1940

Kongens Lyngby mark

Kongens Lyngby mark used from 1940

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