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Henri Balleroy bought in Limoges in the year 1900 a factory called "de l'Immobilière". It was located at rue Charpentier 23/25. In 1904 Leon Mandavy and Paul Maurice de Mavaleix joined the business. The company name became Balleroy et Cie.

In 1908 business partners went separate ways. De Mavaleix continued activity at the place alone. Brothers Henri and Antoine Balleroy changed location and started another Balleroy et Cie company. They managed it together till 1929, when Henri remained alone. He continued producing porcelain till 1937.



Balleroy mark

Limoges B&Cie (Balleroy et Cie) 1908 - 1937 mark

Balleroy Freres mark

Limoges China H et A Balleroy Freres France 1908 - 1937 mark

Porcelaines mark

Porcelaines HA Balleroy Freres Limoges 1908 - 1937 mark

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