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The factory was established in 1863 by Rémi Delinières. It was located in Limoges in the street, which is now named Albert-Thomas Avenue.

In 1895 Léonard Bernardaud became the partner of R. Delinières in the R. Delinières & Cie. Five years later the company was dissolved and replaced by the new company L. Bernardaud & Cie. In 1919 the company opened office in New York. 

Léonard Bernardaud died in 1923. The business inherited his two sons, Jacques and Michel Bernardaud. Brothers developed the company introducing porcelain in Art Deco style. The company survived periods of turmoils: the Great Depression and two world wars.

In 1949 died Michel Bernardaud. Jacques Bernardaud remained alone a head of the company. In 1962 the company's managament was taken over by Michel Bernardaud's son, Pierre Bernardaud. He works with son of Jacques Bernardaud, Paul Bernardaud.

In 1970 they took over another Limoges porcelain business, the Vignaud factory.

In 1990s the Limoges Bernardaud factory was changed into a cultural center. In 2002 Michel Bernardaud established a Bernardaud Corporate Foundation, which mission is to renew the look of porcelain, reinvent it and explore new territories.








Delinières mark

D&Co France R. Delinières Limoges 1894 - 1900 mark

B&Co mark
B&Co mark

B&Co FRANCE Bernardaud mark used from 1900

Bernardaud red mark

L. Bernardaud & Cie Limoges red mark used from 1900

Bernardaud Limoges mark

L. Bernardaud & Cie Limoges plus decoration mark circa 1942 - 1956

Golden Bernardaud mark

Bernardaud Limoges France contemporary mark

Bernardaud Hong-Kong mark

Bernardaud Limoges France Hong-Kong pattern contemporary mark

Cafe Paris mark

Les Residences de Bernardaud Cafe Paris Limoges France mark. The Cafe Paris pattern was produced between 1995-2007

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