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The Pruszków faience factory was founded in 1872 by Jakub Teichfeld and Ludwik Asterblum. In 1903, the entire company was already owned by Teichfeld, who also owned a faience factory in Koło (from 1857). Teichfeld and Asterblum also ran together a manufacture in Włocławek.

Early products were mainly decorated with a stamp technique. Flower decorations, leaves and twigs prevailed. During World War I, the factory's assets were destroyed. After rebuilding the company, its assortment included: table services, bathroom ceramics, kitchen utensils, tiles and even fireproof bricks.

The outbreak of World War II led to a complete suspension of production. The owner was then Stanisław Ehrenreich, who due to his Jewish origin had to flee with his family.

In 1946, in turn, the plant was nationalized. In 1956, the modernized factory was named the Zakłady Porcelitu Stołowego Pruszków. In 2001, the bankruptcy of the company was announced.

Ehrenreich mark

S. Ehrenreich Pruszków 1922 - 1939 mark

P Pruszków mark

P Made in Poland Lead and Cadium free mark used after 1956 

ZPS Pruszkow mark

Sygnatura ZPS Pruszków Made in Poland used from 1956

Pruszków vase mark

Pruszków P vase mark used after 1956

P flower mark

Pruszków P flower mark used after 1956

Porcelit Pruszków mark

Porcelit Pruszków P Made in Poland mark used after 1956

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