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Anton Muller was working in the porcelain industry in Volkstedt in the late 19th century. He became highly regarded and in 1907 with Otto Hammer established in Volkstedt Porzellanmanufaktur Anton Müller. Anton Müller died in 1937. He was succeeded by his son Herman in the family business. Herman died during World War II and the factory was in 1945 demolished by allied bombing.

The factory wasn't rebuild after The WWII. Muller's descendents, Johanna Saar, Herman's niece, and her husband, Oskar, relocated to Ireland and started in 1962 the business under the name Irish Dresden. Irish Dresden continues the family tradition to this day.

Mueller mark

YV Mueller & Co crown 1907 - 1949 mark

MV crown mark

MV Mueller & Co Volkstedt 1907 - 1949 mark 

Irish Dresden mark

MV Irish Dresden Ireland mark used from 1962  

MV Ireland mark

MV Ireland mark used from 1962

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