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Porzellanfabrik Karl Ens was established in 1899 but it wasn't first porcelain business of the Ens family. Karl Ens (senior) founded in 1860 the Triebner, Ens & Co. In 1899 he left the company starting a new business, which swiftly gained reputation for producing high quality items.

A company founder had two sons, Karl and Eduard. Karl junior ran the factory from 1919 to 1939. In 1972 the company was nationalized and became  a part of VEB Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur as VEB Unterglasurporzellanfabrik.

Finally in 1990 the factory was privatized again. 



Windmill mark

Karl Ens green windmill 1919 - 1945 mark

ENS mark

1900 - 1919 ENS mark

KVE mark

Karl Ens KVE 1900 - 1919 mark

Black windmill mark

Black ENS windmill mark used before 1919

Blue windmill mark

Blue ENS windmill mark used after 1945

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