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Porzellanfabrik Rudolstadt Straus & Söhne A.G. was established in 1882 but it's roots date back to 1869 when Lazarus Straus & Sons company was founded. This glass and ceramic import and trade business was growing fast. Already in 1874 Lazarus's son, Nathan, started co-operation with R.H. Macy company creating own departments in their shops.

Lazarus Straus & Sons carried out operations in several European countries: England, Austria, Czechoslovakia, France and Germany. In 1882 they started US subsidiary New York and Rudolstadt Pottery Co. Inc.

Porzellanfabrik Rudolstadt Straus & Söhne A.G. was taken over by Nathan Strauss and renamed to Nathan Straus & Co. In 1930 the factory was finally closed.

RW Germany mark

Germany RW Rudolstadt 1904 - 1924 mark

RW mark

Crown RW 1895 - 1924 Rudolstadt Straus & Söhne mark

Rudolstadt mark

RW Rudolstadt Straus & Söhne 1895 - 1924 mark

RW raised mark

RW Rudolstadt raised 1895 - 1924

Schwarzburg mark

Schwarzburg Rudolstadt Straus & Söhne 1904 - 1924 mark

Royal Schwarzburg mark

1924 - 1930 Royal Schwarzburg Made in Germany Rudolstadt mark

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