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In a Silesian town Tiefenfurt were active three porcelain factories. 

First Tiefenfurt faience factory was established already in 1808 by Johann Heinrich Nicolai Matthiesen. His son Friedrich Nicolai Matthiesen started in 1865 producing porcelain. 

The factory was taken over in 1872 and renamed to Schlesische Porzellan- und Steingut-Manufaktur AG. It went bankrupt already in 1885. Assets of the factory were taken over by Louis Lövinsohn.

In 1891 new owner of the firm became Paul Donath who was a managing director before. In 1909 it became a limited liability company (GmbH). Carl Hans Tuppack took over the company in 1918 and run it till 1944.


Another Tiefenfurt faience factory was established in 1832 by Christian Mathiesen. The firm was in 1872 taken over by Tiefenfurther Porzellan- und Chamottewaren-Fabriken AG.

Already in 1876 it was owned by the Rädisch family. In 1901 it was was bought by Kuno Steinmann. Finally in the period 1943 - 1944 it was owned by Walther Becht.


Yet another factory was established in 1865 by Carl Rädisch. Three years later it already produced porcelain. In 1883 the business was taken over by Kuno Steinamann. In 1929 the company shifted from fine porcelain to oven-proof ceramics.

The Steinmann family was partially Jewish. They were forced out of business by the Nazis in 1938. According to other sources, the Steinmann family sold the business in 1932 during the aftermath of the US stock market crash. 






K. Steinmann mark

Steinmann K.St.T Tiefenfurt, K. Steinmann, Porzellanfabriken GmbH 1919 - 1938 mark.

Blue Tuppack mark

Echt Tuppack S China Blau Tiefenfurt 1919 - 1944 mark.

Tuppack S mark

Echt Tuppack S Tiefenfurt 1919 - 1944 mark.

Crown Germany mark

K.St.T Germany, K. Steinmann, Porzellanfabriken ca. 1910 - 1925 mark.

Crossed swords S mark

Crossed sword S Schlesische Porzellanfabrik Louis Lövinsohn and P. Donath 1885 - 1896 mark.

Brusseler mark

"Echt" Tuppack S Brusseler "Edelspitzen" D.R.G.M.a. Tiefenfurt 1919 - 1944 mark.

Steinmann Tiefenfurt mark

Steinmann Tiefenfurt 1919 - 1938 mark.

Silesia Steinmann mark

K.St.T. Silesia Steinmann factory 1915 - 1938 mark.

Japan Blau mark

Tuppack S Japan Blau Tiefenfurt 1919 - 1944 mark.

Silesia Germany mark

Kuno Steinmann factory K.St.T Silesia Germany 1915 - 1938 mark.

Karogold mark

Tuppack S Karogold Tiefenfurt ca. 1919 - 1944 mark.

Barberina mark

Steinmann Tiefenfurt Barberina 1933 - 1935 mark.

S Silesia mark

K. Steinmann Porzellanfabriken, Abt. II, 'S Silesia' ca. 1930 - 1935 mark.


China Rot mark

Echt Tuppack China Rot Tiefenfurt 1919 - 1944 mark.

Tuppack Steinzeug mark

S Tuppack Steinzeug Feuerfest 1930 - 1944 mark.

Silesien mark

Silesien crown 1915 - 1938 mark.

Chinese Tuppack mark

Tuppack Tiefenfurt chinese style mark ca. 1925 - 1944.

Japanese style mark

Tuppack Tiefenfurt 1925 - 1944 Japanese style mark.

Japan bunt mark

Japanese style 1925 - 1945 Tuppack Tiefenfurt mark.

Tuppack mark

Tuppack Tiefenfurt 1925 - 1945 oriental style mark

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