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Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory was founded by Elector Max III. First manufactory was opened in the "Grüne Schlössl" in Neudeck in 1747. Initially efforts to produce porcelain weren't successful. The technology was developed only in 1754. This year Franz Anton Bustelli from Ticino assumed the artistic directorship. In 1755 the factory received its first commission from the Bavarian court.

Since 1761 the manufactory has been located in a part of Nymphenburg Castle (Munich, Bavaria).

Seven years after Elector Max III Joseph of Bavaria established the Electoral porcelain manufactory, he ordered that all porcelains be marked on the underside – with an image of the Wittelsbach coat of arms with diamonds whose tips at the time progressed from the bottom left to the top right. 

Over the years the factory cooperated with many renowned artists as Dominikus Auliczek the elder and Johann Peter Melchior or Friedrich von Gärtner.

In first half of 19th century financial situation deteriorated and in 1856 artistic production was halted. Privatized company produced  technical, medical and sanitary porcelain. 

Only in 1887 new owner Albert Bäuml decided to restore artistic traditions of the firm.

The factory was transferred to the Wittelsbacher Equalising Fund in 1975. Since 1996 the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg has been under the patronage of Duke Franz of Bavaria. In October 2011 Prince Luitpold of Bavaria took over Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg from the Wittelsbach Compensation Fund.


Nymphenburg impressed mark

Nymphenburg impressed shield mark used from 1754.

Nymphenburg impressed shield

Nymphenburg impressed shield 1850 - 1890 mark.

Nymphenburg crown mark

Nymphenburg shield and crown mark used 1910 - 1975.

Coat of arms mark

Nymphenburg coat of arms mark used 1910 - 1975.

Frankenhalter mark

Nymphenburg mark used on Frankenhalter figurines reproductions from 1895.

Nymphenburg 1747 mark

Nymphenburg 1747 mark used from 2008.

1976 Nymphenburg mark

Nymphenburg 1976 - 1996 mark.

Western Germany mark

Nymphenburg green underglaze ca. 1949 - 1975 mark.

Königlich Nymphenburg mark

Königlich Nymphenburg mark used from 1895.

Monufaktur F mark

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg F 1997 - 2007 mark.

Blue Nymphenburg mark

1895 - 1910 blue Nymphenburg mark.

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