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Ernst Wahliss was born in 1836. He was a leading Vienna retailer in porcelain and ceramic goods. His Vienna store was established in 1863. His business was so successful that he was able to open another store in London.

In 1894 Ernst Wahliss decided to take over the Alfred Stellmacher factory in Turn-Teplitz (situated in today's Czechia). He renamed the factory to Ernst Wahliss Kunst, Porzellan und Fayence Fabrik.

Ernst died in 1900. Two years later his sons, Hans and Erich, bought 600 moulds from the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Vienna. Using these molds they started making reproductions of Vienna porcelain.

In 1905 the company was renamed to Alexandra Porcelain Works Ernst Wahliss. 

In 1907 the factory was acquired by Gerhard Martin Wahliss. In 1910 the factory focused on production of faience.

The factory temporarily closed due to the World War I. In 1921 it became part of Porzellanfabrik Union AG and in 1929 production ended.



Turn EW mark

Turn EW Vienna Made in Austria - Ernst Wahliss mark.

Wien crown mark

1897 - 1906 Depose EW Turn Wien Made in Austria mark.

EW Teplit mark

EW Teplit Made in Austria circa 1910 - 1918 mark.

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