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Koch & Schnorr Porcelain factory was located in the German town of Stadtlengsfeld. The manufacture was ready in 1889. In a few years the factory fell into financial problems what resulted in bankruptcy in 1895.

In 1896 the factory was taken over by Carl Frisch and his family. The Carl Frisch Porcelain Factory despite efforts still wasn't able to generate profits. Carl Frisch commited suicide in 1901 after his company had to file for bankruptcy.

In 1902 the assets of the bankrupt company were taken over by Büchner, Seiffert, Reuss & Beckmann who formed Porzellanfabrik Stadtlengsfeld G.m.b.H. The company still was unable to recover due to problems with flooding and fires. Around 1913 were introduced 'Strohblume' and 'Zwiebelmuster' decorations.

After the WWI in 1919 the company was changed into a stock corporation (Porzellanfabrik Stadtlengsfeld A.G.). In 1930 the company was renamed to Felda Porzellan and later to Felda Rhön Porzellan.

The company was nationalized after creation of the German Democratic Republic. Since 1950 it operated as V.E.B. Porzellanwerk Stadtlengsfeld. In 1969 the factory became a part of the Colditz combine.

Next change came with the reunification of Germany. The company was privatized. First it acted as Lengsfeld Rhön Porzellan G.m.b.H. and later till bankruptcy in 1998 as Lengsfeld Porzellan A.G.

The firm was again revived in 1999 as Gilitzer Porzellan-Manufaktur G.m.b.H. It even took over Wallendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur G.m.b.H. but finally wasn't able to survive and ended production in 2007.


Felda Rhon mark

Felda Rhon plane 1933 - 1949 porcelain mark.

Stadtlengsfeld VEB mark

Stadtlengsfeld VEB Rhon Made in Germany 1950 - 1959 mark.

Plane mark

Stadtlengsfeld Made in Germany plane 1959 - 1963 mark.

PST mark

PST AG Stadtlengsfeld 1908 - 1920 mark.

Longsfeld Rhon mark

Early Stadtlengsfeld Longsfeld Rhon mark. Exact date unknown.

Red plane mark

Stadtlengsfeld red plane Made in Germany 1959 - 1963 mark.

CP Stadtlengsfeld mark

Colditz Porzellan Stadtlengsfeld mark used after 1963.

VEB Rhon mark

Stadtlengsfeld VEB Rhon Germany 1955 - 1959 mark.

Blue plane mark

Stadtlengsfeld blue plane Made in Germany 1959 - 1963 mark. 

Colditz Stadtlengsfeld mark

CP Colditz Stadtlengsfeld mark used after 1963.

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