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Helena Wolfsohn was a successor of her father who run a porcelain business under the name L. Meyer & Söhne. She was buying white porcelain mostly in Meissen and decorated it imitating style of the oldest Meissen pieces by Johann Gregorius Höroldt. She also used Watteau paintings as her inspiration.

In 1878 the business was taken over by Helena's daughter, Emilie Elb. Next year however started problems. The Meissen factory sued them for using AR (Augustus Rex) mark. In 1881 the studio was forced to stop using the mark in Germany and in 1883 in England.The compensation for using the mark illegally was so high that the studio almost lost financial liquidity.

In 1893 Emilie's husband, Leopold Ludwig Elb became sole owner of the studio. He sold the business in 1906 to Xaver Ernst Stephan. His son Walter Ernst Stephan run the studio until retirement in 1949.



Dresden Saxony mark

Crown D Dresden Handgemalt Saxony ca. 1900 mark.

AR Helena Wolfsohn mark

AR (Augustus Rex) mark used ca. 1879 - 1880.

D crown mark

1843 - 1878 Helena Wolfsohn mark.

Modified AR mark

Helena Wolfsohn modified AR mark circa 1881.

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