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Louis Lourioux was a potter born in France in 1894. He was a contemporary of such great artists as Lalique and Gallé. In 1924 he took over running of a Buchon and Legros Porcelain Factory, which was established in 1840 in Foecy. He died in 1930 at the age of 35 in a car accident. The factory was then run by his wife until 1949.

The old Lourioux factory was bought in 1968 by Philippe Deshoulières. Now it is run as a museum.

Lourioux Pyrolux

Date unknown

Lourioux wings mark

Louis Lourioux first quarter of the 20th century mark.


Wings & double 'L' 

Lourioux le faune mark

Louis Lourioux le faune mark

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