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Heinrich Eichhorn in 1832 asked for permission to set up a porcelain factory in Tirschenreuth in Tirschenreuth. Eichhorn was a manufacturer from Schney near Lichtenfels. His request was rejected by authorities of the city Tirschenreuth. Finally, after objecting to the decision, permission was granted in 1833.

Construction of the factory was completed in 1838. In the beggining Eichhorn had to subsidize the firm. In 1846, a second kiln was put into operation.

Heinrich Eichhorn died in 1880 and his shares were acquired by Edmund Tittel, Friedrich Muther and August Bauscher. Next year August Bauscher sold his shares to Karl Gotthold Mezger.

In 1908 Gotthold Mezger died, his shares were transferred to Johann Schlipphack. During World War I the sales markets collapsed. In 1926 the director Johannes Schlipphack died. In 1927, the porcelain manufacturer Lorenz Hutschenreuther took over the porcelain factory Tirschenreuth.

After the WWII, production was started already in September 1945. In 1994, the Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG separated from the Tirschenreuth porcelain factory and at the end of 1995, the Tirschenreuth porcelain factory was closed after more than 150 years.

Alt Tirschenreuth mark

Alt Tirschenreuth 1838 Germany used 1969 - 1995. Mark filled for registration in 1985.

1838 Tirschenreuth mark

1838 Tirschenreuth Bavaria Germany 1969 - 1995 mark.

Tirschenreuth mark

1838 Tirschenreuth Bavaria Germany Hutschenreuther (exact date unknown) 1969 - 1995 mark.

PT Bavaria mark

PT Bavaria Tirschenreuth mark used since 1903.

PT Tirschenreuth mark

PT Bavaria Tirschenreuth Germany 1969 - 1995 mark.

Tirschenreuth 1838 Germany mar...

Tirschenreuth 1838 Germany 1969 - 1995 mark.

Keramische Werke Zehendner mar...

Keramische Werke Zehendner mark used circa since 1940.

SMCS mark

SMCS Porzellanfabrik GmbH & Co. Tirschenreuth mark used since 1954.

Zehendner mark

Keramische Werke Zehendner Z & Co Tirschenreuth Bavaria mark used ca. since 1940.

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