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Korzec faience and porcelain factory was established by prince Józef Klemens Czartoryski, the last representative of the Korzec line of his family.

This located in Korzec, Volyn region, factory was established on the basis of a contract concluded by the prince on 17 November 1783 with Franciszek Mezer. Mezer became the first director of a Korzec porcelain factory.

Initially, the manufacture produced faience, but already in 1789 Mezer conducted the first attempts at porcelain. On May 1, 1790, successful examples of porcelain from Korzec were sent to King of Poland Stanislaus Augustus.

The dynamic development of the factory was halted by partitions of Poland, which resulted in the loss of access to the markets in Poland and partitioning powers protecting The dynamic development of the factory halted the divisions, which resulted in the loss of access to the markets in Poland and partitioning powers protecting their internal markets with high duties.

Franciszek Mezer left the post of director in 1795. His brother Michal took his place. The culmination of a series of misfortunes was the fire that took place at the end of 1796. Factory restoration lasted about a year.

In 1804 the factory was left by Michał Mezer, who founded the Baranovka factory. His successors were found among the staff of the French porcelain factory in Sevres. Meraud and Petion came to Korzec. The new director was Meraud, who held the position until 1807 when his place was taken by Petion.

In 1807 the production of faience was moved to Horodnitsa. The Korzec factory produced only porcelain since.

It is known that in the years 1814 - 1817 the company CEO was husband of one of Czartoryski's daughters, Eustachy Sanguszko. His successor was Gabriel Rzyszczewski, who in 1821 leased the factory to Petion.

The end of the manufacture in Korzec life (1824 - 1832) is the decline period. Products of this period were rated as expensive compared to deteriorating quality. The final liquidation and sale of products from warehouses lasted until 1847.

Korzec mark

Korzec eye of providence mark ca. 1800 - 1803.

Korzec red mark

Korzec 1800 - 1803 mark

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