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In the territory of the commune of Baudour, near Belgian Mons, several ceramic factories were created during the 19th and 20th centuries. In August 1842 François-Joseph Declercq established a manufacture in a building of an old pottery. François-Joseph Declercq is thought to work before for famous porcelain factories of Meissen and Sevres.

Three years later Declercq joined forces with a lawyer Nicolas De Fuisseaux. In 1848 management of this fast developing company took over Nicolas De Fuisseaux. He led the Manufacture de Porcelaine de Baudour till his death in 1857. His widow widow Eléonore Messine took over management for 25 years. After her death (1881) the company was managed by youngest son, Fernand.

In 1898, the name changed and took the form: "Société Anonyme des Anciennes Mills of Fuisseaux". Fernand de Fuisseaux died in 1912. He was suceeded by his son in
law, Charles Greyson.

After the First World War the company was bought by the Société Anonyme des Pavillons and in 1934 the Belgian Ceramic Society "Cérabel" took over the direction of the Baudour factory. In 1977, Cerabel being on the verge of bankruptcy ceased production of tableware porcelain

Cerabel Baudour mark

Cerabel Porcelaine de Baldour Made in Belgium 1934 - 1977 mark.

Societe Pavillons Baudour mark

Société Anonyme des Pavillons 1918 - 1934 mark.

De Fuisseaux Belg mark

De Fuisseaux Baudour (Belg.) before 1918 mark.

DFB mark

DFB Baudour mark before 1918.

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