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Konakovo Faience Factory

Russian Konakovo faience factory has been functioning for one and a half centuries. Established in 1809 and operating until the 1970s. The founder of the company was
F.-H. Brinner.

In 1918 the Kuznietsov factory located in the village of Kuznietsovo was nationalized. Production was restored only in 1923. A year later, the factory was named the Tver Kalinin Porcelain-Faience Factory in Kuznetsov. Since 1931 the plant has been operating as Koniakov Kalinin Faience Factory in Kalinin. In turn, since 1937, the company was called Koniakov Kalinin Faience Factory.

In the factory appeared designers I. G. Frih-Har and I.S. Efimova. Initially, their presence had little impact on the plant's assortment.

In 1930 in the factory appeared Sofya Pressman, who graduated from the faculty of ceramics. She is known for her works concerning revolutionary subjects. Four years
later in Konakovo an art laboratory was set up.

At the Great World Exposition in Paris in 1937, the factory won the Grand Prix, and several artists working for the company won gold medals for their work.

In the first years after the Second World War, dominating was a mass production based on pre-revolutionary Kuznetsov designs. In the 1950s and later it was still mass production, but projects of Konakovo artists were already being implemented.

Based on the artistic laboratory division, a Konakovo Faience company is still operating.

Konakovo 1950s mark

Konakovo 1952 - 1959 mark.

Konakovo branch mark

1962 - 1974 Konakovo mark.

ZIK impressed mark

ZIK Konakovo impressed 1962 - 1974 mark.

ZIK Konakovo mark

ZIK Konakovo 1962 - 1974 mark.

Kalinin Konakov mark

1934 - 1940 Kalinin Konakov factory mark.

Former Auerbach mark

Former Auerbach mark dated ca. 1870, when the Auerbach factory was taken over by Kuznetsov.

Kalinin factory mark

Tver Kalinin factory 1929 - 1932 mark.

Konakovo factory mark

Konakovo Kalinin factory 1946 - 1952 mark.

Tver factory mark

1918 - 1919 Tver State factory mark.

Zavod Konakovo mark

1941 - 1946 Konakovo mark.

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