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The company was started by seven Winterling brothers in Röslau, Bavaria. It was founded as Gebrüder Winterling O.H.G. in 1907. Ten years later they took over Oscar Schaller porcelain factory located in Schwarzenbach.

In 1950 the business was turned into a joint-stock company. In 1954 they started another factory in Bruchmühlbach. The Winterling Porzellan A.G. was not doing so good as in previous years. Finally the company went bankrupt in the year 2000. The factory was taken over by Triptis Porzellan G.m.b.H. & Co. K.G. New owner was in trouble itself and lost solvency in 2004.

Winterling Kirchenlamitz mark

Winterling Kirchenlamitz Bavaria 1979 - 1990 mark.

Winterling Kirchenlamitz Bavar...

Winterling Kirchenlamitz Bavaria green mark used in the period 1950 - 1990.

Winterling Schwarzenbach mark

Winterling Schwarzenbach Bavaria Germany 1979 - 2000 mark.

Oscar Schaller mark

Oscar Schaller Bavaria Germany mark used since 1918.

Winterling Roslau Bavaria mark

Winterling Roslau Bavaria 1945 - 1950 mark.

Keitum Winterling mark

Winterling Kirchenlamitz Germany Bavaria Keitum pattern circa 1990 - 2000 mark.

Winterling porzellan mark

Winterling porzellan Bavaria Germany 1990- 2000 mark.

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