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The factory was founded in 1899 by Julius Rother and his wife Fanny Rother. Around 1900 the business got a new partner - Gustav Gerstner. A few years later another owner appeared - Julius Matthes. Rothers retired in 1912. In 1918 the factory was taken over by Julius Rieber owner of a decoration business founded in 1868 in Bavarian city of Selb.

In 1923 it became a stock company with factories in three cities: Selb, Thiersheim and Mitterteich. The Mitterteich factory specialized in a very popular 'Japonais' decoration style.

In 1971 the company filed for bankruptcy.

Rieber Mitterteich Bavaria mar...

Rieber Mitterteich Bavaria 1937 - 1966 mark.

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