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The factory was founded in 1798 at the site of the burnt monastery in Miezgorsk, which is situated just meters from Kiev boundary. In 1804 management of the plant passed from the hands of the city council to the hands of the Kiev governor. In 1822 the factory was taken over by the tsar's office. In 1858, in turn, it was to be leased. First private owners of the business were the Kiev merchants, Barski brothers, and in 1866 the new owner was Schischkov. In 1875 the company was sold again and soon stopped production.

The factory mainly produced faience, but also porcelain. Tableware was made but also frames for paintings, Orthodox icons, traditional Orthodox Easter eggs, lamps and equipment for pharmacies.

In 1812 over 300 people worked here. Since 1850 biscuit porcelain figurines were manufactured in the factory.

From the 1930s onwards, the date of manufacture (year and month) was impressed on products.

Kiev Miezgorsk faience mark

1830 - 1860 Kiev-Miezgorsk Faience Factory mark with a date. Here february 1831.

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