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Royal Makkum is a Dutch pottery company based in Makkum. The factory was probably active as brickworks already in 1572. That's why Royal Tichelaar Makkum is regarded to be the oldest company in the Netherlands. Initially they produced bricks and tiles. After 1670 domestic pottery has been the core business. Since 1831 it has been run by Tichelaar family. In 1890 they stopped producing bricks and tiles and focused on traditional decorative pottery.

In 1960 the company acquired right to use a word Royal in its name. In 1990s the company strategy has been redefined because of competition mass producing cheap copies of their traditional pottery. Royal Makkum started cooperation with modern designers as Hella Jongerius, Alexander Van Slobbe and Dick Van Hoff. The company is yet still focused on preserving tradition.

Dating Makkum Tichelaar pieces

Two letters on the left side of the mark:

HA - 1981

HB - 1982
HC - 1983
HD - 1984
HE - 1985
HF - 1986
HG - 1987
ID - 1994

Painter's initials:

CB - Cor B. Bekema
TS - Tonny Siemonsma
JV - Jetse Visser



Makkum Tichelaar 1940 - 1960

Circa 1940 - 1960 mark. Model number 1060.

Makkum Tichelaar mark

1940s - 1960s Makkum Tichelaar mark.

Contemporary Makkum mark

Contemporary Makkum Tichelaar mark. HA stands for 1981.

19th century Tichelaar Makkum ...

Second half of 19th century Tichelaar Makkum mark.

Makkum Holland mark

Circa 1920 - 1940 Makkum Tichelaar mark.

Tichelaar mark

Turn of the 20th century Tichelaar Makkum mark.

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