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The pottery of Peter Gerz II was established in 1835. It was located in Höhr at Kirchstraße 1-3 (now Töpferstraße). Peter's son, Simon Peter Gerz I joined the business in 1857. Only five years later in 1862 it got government approval. The new name of the firm was Gerz & Söhne.

In 1873, Philip Jacob Gerz (son of Simon Peter Gerz I) took over the business. Next owners since 1886 were Sebastian Maas and Johann Reitz. Sebastian Maas son had the same name as father. He was nicknamed Jean. He restructered the company and renamed it in 1930 as Gerz-Krug- und Steinzeugmanufaktur Inhaber Jean Maas. His widow ran it until 1965.
The factory was relocated to Sessenbach in 1966. After it went bankrupt in 1990s. A new company was formed in Hillscheid.

A jug in a triangle is the most commonly recognized Gerz factory mark. It was first introduced around 1900.

Gerz 1960 - 1990 mark

Gerz 1960 - 1990 mark





Gerz West Germany mark

Gerz West Germany 1949 - 1990 mark.

Gerz Fabrikmarke

Gerz Fabrikmarke ca. 1936 mark.

Gerz impressed mark

Impressed 'Gerz Made in Germany seit 1862' mark used after 1949.

19th century Gerz mark

Mark found on the item produced in the last quarter of 19th century.

Gerz W. Germany mark

Gerz W.Germany mark ca. 1960 - 1990.

Old Gerz mark

Old Gerz aus unserem firmen archiv W. Germany mark. West Germany period 1949 - 1990.

Gerz Rhenana mark

Rhein Stoneware Gerz mark late 19th and early 20th century.

Gres Rhenana ges. gesch.

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