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Fabryka Porcelany Wałbrzych (Walbrzych Porcelain Factory) continued tradition of nationalized in 1945 Carl Tielsch Altwasser factory. During first years of production in Poland it was run by German employees who stayed in Walbrzych. They also used "CT Made in Poland" mark.

In 1960s Fabryka Porcelany Wałbrzych pioneered in implementing new solutions and inventions. In 1992 it was privatized.In 2011 the factory fell into financial trouble beacause of problems on export markets (Arab spring). In 2012 the company went bankrupt.


Walbrzych 1952 - 1992

1952 - 1992

CT Made in Poland mark

CT Tielsch Walbrzych Made in Poland 1945 - 1952 mark.

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